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Menu Selections:

References     Presents a list of reference files which can be selected for updating as needed.
                      These include blocking patterns, drug usage tables , ICDA codes and physician

Orders           Accesses the program for updating physicians orders.  There is virtually no limit
                      to the number of clients or orders that can be on file.

MARs             Prints Medication Administration Records.  Orders will appear in chronological
                      sequence relative to their first scheduled dose of the day with the exception that
                      informational orders will always appear first and PRN orders last.   Orders whose
                      stop date is in a prior period will not be printed, however, the user will be
                      reminded to remove them from file.

TARs             Prints Medication Administration Records.  The same printing order as the MAR is
                     followed.   Additionally, when quarterly, semi-annual and annual labs come due, a
                     notice will be added when printing.

SARs             Optionally, special medications and procedures can be segregated to their own
                      Special Administration Record and printed.

POs               Prints Physician's Orders in date sequence. The administration record on which an
                     order appears will be indicated.

Backs            Prints PRN logs on the backs of the MAR, TAR and SAR.

Password      Allows the user to create or change their password.  Each computer on a network
                     may have its own password.

Help              Displays general Help text which can also be printed.  Each selection also has
                     detailed Help text specific to it.


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