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About Our Long Term Care Accounting
by THREE Systems......
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THREE offers easy to use software that

- Can be operated as a stand alone system or networked
  for multi-facility operation;
- Has extensive online help text;
- Is entirely menu driven;
- Has online Internet support;
- Has no dependencies on 3rd party software;
- Will operate under any version of Windows;
- Help is available by phone 12 hours a day, 6 days a week;
- References available.

ACCOUNTS RECEIVABLE - as many types and levels of patient
  as needed; individual rates for each patient; multiple rates
  during the month allowed; sixteen accounts per patient; all
  accounts aged; ancillary tracking with automatic extension
  and RUGS/PPS compliance; census based billing; online
  individual patient census history; online census totals;
  display and/or printing of patient's current ledger; patient
  funds interest calculations and distribution; Medicare A and
  B billing on the UB92; PEN therapy billing on the HCFA-1500;
  insurance billing on the UB92; individual patient, guarantor
  and resident funds statements; accounts activity summary;
  individual patient accounts activity detail for the past 18
  months.  Electronic transmission of Medicare claims via the
  National Electronic Data Interchange Transaction Set
  (ASC X12N 837- 004010X096) is an integrated function of
  THREE Systems.

  ACCOUNTS PAYABLE - invoices can be split between cost
  centers and/or expense months; aged open invoice
  reporting; cash requirements reporting; multiple methods for
  choosing invoices to be paid; check reconciliation; vendor
  disbursements accumulations; 1099 printing; accounts
  activity summary; individual vendor activity detail for the past
  18 months

PAYROLL - automatic vacation and sick leave accruals; split
  labor distribution by department and/or position and level of
  care worked; automatic month boundary accruals; multiple
  checks per employee allowed; nine voluntary deductions per
  employee; automatic and/or calculated garnishments; Earned
  Income Credit calculations; Section 125 and deferred income
  pension plans; diskette W2 and state 941 reporting; check
  reconciliation; computerized time clock software; accounts
  activity summary; individual employee pay activity detail for
  the past 18 months

GENERAL LEDGER - fully interfaced, automatic double entry
  fromA/R, A/P and P/R; retroactive ledger adjustments; detailed
  printing; census accumulations by type and level for all billed
  days for month and year to date; user selected account
  detailed activity for the past 18 months

  FINANCIAL STATEMENTS - individual and/or consolidated
  Balance Sheet and Operating Statement; per patient day
  calculations;  fixed amount and/or per patient day budgeting

SET UP and MAINTENANCE - any chart of accounts desired can
  be used; user determined Balance Sheet and Operating
  Statement totals and subtotals; fully prompted backup;
  interfaced ancillary pricing file

ADDITIONAL FEATURES - Interface software built into THREE
  allows our database to be imported by Microsoft's Excel,
  Access and other leading products.

  The complete THREE Systems accounting software package
  is leased on a quarterly basis. The lease includes monthly
  maintenance of the software.  Leases may be canceled at any
  time with 90 days written notice.



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Send us mail.  We welcome your comments,  suggestions and inquiries.

THREE Systems
P. O. Box 219
Spokane, MO 65754



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