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THREE Systems FAQ's ......

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    If you are wondering about us, here are some questions you
    might ask.

    1. How long have you been established?

        In 1970 we developed the first LTC accounting system for
        IBM compatible computers.

    2. What security do your users have for programming?

        Our programs are backed up weekly to three sites on the
        Internet.  One of these is encoded to laser disk.

        We also have an additional off-site back up on Iomega's
        Zip Drive.

        In addition, we have a hard disk backup to an in-house
        networked computer.

    3. What do you do about maintenance?

        For a fixed monthly fee we provide any enhancements,
        updates, or bug fixes that are necessary for operation in
        any state.

        In addition, we have a contract with another provider to
        furnish support in the event that, for some reason, we
        cannot.  All clients are given access to this provider.

     4. What are the minimum system hardware requirements?

         A. Microsoft Windows 95/98 or NT compatible
         B. 32 megabytes RAM
         C. Graphic card/monitor resolution of 640 X 480 X 24 bit
         D. 300 megabytes free hard disk space
         E. Suitable tape or Zip/Jazz drive backup
         F. 28K baud modem
         G. Printer supported by Windows drivers

     5. Can you "Batch Bill" to Medicare providers under the new
         HIPAA rules?

         Yes.  We have completed testing for the federally mandated
         National Electronic Data Interchange Transaction Set
         (ASC X12N 837- 004010X096).


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Send us mail.  We welcome your comments,  suggestions and inquiries.

THREE Systems
P. O. Box 219
Spokane, MO 65754



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