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THREE Systems and Customizing.....

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   During the mid 1990's, it was fashionable for software
   developers to offer systems with "user defined" reports. This
   meant that users could specify the reports to be generated by
   the system and the data that was to appear on them. It was a
   popular concept for several reasons.

   First, developers only had to write data entry programs that
   created the database. They could then employ one of the
   numerous report generating packages available from other
   software vendors that would format selected data and print a
   report. Thus, the amount of work required of the developer
   was drastically reduced.

   Secondly, the developer didn't need in-depth knowledge about
   the industry since it would be up to the user to select data and
   define the reports to be printed.

   Thirdly, the market appeal of this scheme would be significant
   since the user would feel that the system could be
   "customized" to their preferences.

   Even though it did appeal to the user at first, it ultimately

   First, most healthcare facilities did not have personnel with the
   time or ability to properly utilize a database and report

   Secondly, even if a facility was able to successfully specify the
   reports it wanted, it was unlikely that these reports met the
   accounting and fiscal management needs that are so unique to
   long term care.

   Thirdly, software that worked like this required exaggerated
   computer resources that stressed the budget. Moreover, the
   system as a whole operated slowly which required more time
   from the personnel involved.

   It was a case of the old adage: Be careful of what you wish for,
   you may get it.

   When we at THREE Systems designed our current software,
   we adapted a different strategy. We are not outside vendors
   but have worked in long term care both in administration and
   nursing for over thirty years. We have a thorough knowledge
   of its' accounting requirements and more importantly, we are
   not about to embarrass ourselves with our fellow healthcare
   workers by offering a system that doesn't work.

   What we have is a system that we can guarantee meets all
   basic accounting requirements and then some, operates with
   a very modest need for computer hardware and quite possibly
   has the fastest operating speed in the industry.

   The reports are NOT customizable but represent what our
   experience has shown to be the most efficient and effective
   presentation of management and reportage data and we are
   constantly improving this.

   The Chart of Accounts, Balance Sheet and Operating
   Statement groupings, payroll deductions, vacation accruals
   and other important specifications ARE highly customizable.

   To address the need for special reports or accounting tasks,
   we offer two mechanisms.

   First, there is a function that creates a spreadsheet version of
   all major files. These can then be easily imported into standard
   spreadsheet programs like Excel, Lotus 123 and Quatro Pro.

   Secondly, for our users, we offer custom programming at
   about half the prevailing rate. Thus, there can be custom-
   ization without sacrificing efficiency.


   To ensure compatibility and longevity, we use no software
   from other vendors. Each accounting function has been
   custom coded by us to specific healthcare industry
   requirements. We program in the most widely used computer
   language in the world and are fully Windows compatible.

   Software Limitations

   From 1 to 1000 facilities can be processed by a single
   installation. Files can be fully shared by workstations on a
   network. A detail of accounting transactions and payments to
   vendors and employees is available for 18 months. Balances
   for General Ledger accounts and patient days are available for
   24 months.


   Generally, we can be contacted directly 10 hours a day during
   the work week but there are provisions for voice and e-mail.
   Response time is immediate to 12 hours in worst case.
   Additionally, we have an optional subscription service that
   provides monthly updates that can be downloaded from our
   Internet web site.

   Via the Internet, facilities that lack a qualified bookkeeper can
   send us their data for processing and have it returned ready
   for generating claims, checks and reports on their own

   The Internet

   As the Internet develops and matures, so will our use of it
   increase. Currently, it is used to distribute information and
   updates to users.  Additionally, we have incorporated functions
   into the system which allow multi-facility organizations to
   transmit and receive data to and from a central office.



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Send us mail.  We welcome your comments,  suggestions and inquiries.

THREE Systems
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