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THREE Systems, Software
for Long Term Care......

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   We have been designing software specifically for Long Term
   Care accounting since 1970.

   In that year, we implemented the first accounting system to
   operate on IBM compatible computers.  In 1990 we designed
   the first integrated accounting system for networked PC's.
   In 1994 we produced the first pure Windows system in our
   industry.  In 1996 we introduced our Windows 95/98/NT
   version of THREE.  In 2002 we introduced our Windows XP
   version.  In October 2003 we were certified to be a HIPAA
   Compliant Software Vendor.  In October 2004 we introduced
   our Medication Administration system, Orders.

  THREE Systems software runs on any Windows operating
   system from '95 to Win7.

   We have three main products.

   1 . THREE Systems - A fully integrated, easy to use, and
        powerful accounting system designed specifically for
        Long Term Care use.

   2.  CompuClock - A computerized time clock that does not
        require any special devices and can operate as a stand-
        alone or interfaced with our accounting system.

   3.  Orders - A Medication Administration system designed
        especially for those who do the work.

   Our main goal at THREE is to provide our clients with the
   best software for their needs.  We strive to achieve the
   highest level of service possible by giving our clients
   personalized support.  We also offer Information
   Management Services for those interested.

   THREE Systems is and has been a work in progress for many
   years.  We are continually enhancing so that our clients will
   be at the front of the pack.



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Send us mail.  We welcome your comments,  suggestions and inquiries.

THREE Systems
P. O. Box 219
Spokane, MO 65754

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