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Medication Administration Records and
Physicians' Orders by THREE Systems......

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     THREE's medication administration system, Orders, was
     programmed by a nurse specifically for long term care
     facilities.  Its primary purpose is to make it easier and less
     error prone to pass meds and do treatments.  But it also
     has an array of features that make it simple to maintain the
     system in an environment of constant new orders,
     medications and diagnosis.

     Orders is ergonomically designed with clear dialogs,
     abundant on-line Help text and easy access to its many
     functions.   It has several preview and projection abilities
     that allow errors to be detected before they become part of
     the printed documentation.

     Orders requires modest resources and can operate on any
     computer that hosts a Windows operating system.  Its
     printed documentation is automatically tailored to
     accommodate dot matrix, ink jet and laser printers.   If a color
     printer is available, it will take advantage of this by color
     coding medication and treatment times.

     For the tour, click here Orders




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