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Time Keeping by THREE Systems.....

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   CompuClock is a computer time clock system that interfaces
   directly with THREE Systems payroll by networking or by
   diskette thus eliminating the need to key each employee's
   hours worked.

   CompuClock is included with our Long Term Care accounting
   software. But, CompuClock can be used as a stand-alone
   application, too.  Because of this, we also furnish a record
   layout so that you can create an interface with your existing
   payroll system.

   Employees enter their clock number each time they clock in or
   out.  The employee's time sheet for the pay period is displayed
   on the monitor when clocking.

   Clock numbers may be up to nine digits so that the Social
   Security number can be used if desired.

   There are no lost records because of power failure.  Entries
   are automatically saved to disk.  The clock is maintained by
   the computer's internal battery.

   Multiple time clocks can be utilized within a facility or network,
   each with the capacity of an unlimited number of employees.
   Each employee can clock in 4 different department/position
   combinations, therefore it is not necessary to manually keep
   time for such workers.

   Up to 99 user defined schedules can be created to facilitate
   employees working different hours sequences.  Each schedule
   can have up to 6 shift sets and 4 chop factors.  Shift
   differentials are tracked based on the time entries for each
   employee.  Chop factors prevent employees from clocking in
   early and eliminate the hassle of rounding each employee's
   hours worked.

   Employees cannot clock in or out unless their clock number
   has been activated by the payroll department.  Likewise, a
   terminated employee cannot clock in or out after the payroll
   department has deactivated the number.

   Time entries for each employee can be modified by the payroll
   department to accommodate mistaken or erroneous clock

   Time sheets for each employee can be printed for audit
   documentation and for employee copies.



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